Forms and publications are available in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format for viewing and printing.  Accessing documents in PDF format requires use of Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which may be installed free of charge.

Candidates & Committees

16001 County Candidate Guide
16001A County Candidate Application
16002 Municipal Candidate Guide 
16002A Municipal Candidate Application
16108 Republican Committee Add/Drop/Change Form
16109 Democratic Committee Add/Drop/Change Form
16432 Poll Watchers Application for Candidates & Political Parties
1S-2.010 The Hatch Act Overview
1S-2.010 The Hatch Act Booklet
VR-01 How to File Financial Reports Online
Appointment of Candidate Treasurer Form (effective 10/2010)
DS-DE 83 Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office (effective 03/2008)
DS-DE 84
Statement of Candidate (effective 05/2011)
DS-DE 104 Candidate Petition Form (effective 09/2011)

Precinct Election Officials

14003 Precinct Election Official Orientation Packet 
12098 Early Voting Audit/Procedures Manual
12106 Precinct Register Comments and Definitions Form (Lime Green)
12107P Actions Required at Registration and Ballot Issue Tables Form (Orange)
12107G Actions Required at Registration and Ballot Issue Tables Form (Orange)
12107G2S Actions Required at Registration and Ballot Issue Tables Form (Orange)
12164 Clerk Procedures - Audit Document

 VCS Inspector Actions


 AutoMARK Manual

12172 Polling Place Standards and Procedures Document
12174 Non-Conformance Report Form Precinct (Light Green)
12176 Voter Signature Differs Form (Pink)
12178 Voter Challenge Form (Goldenrod)
12180 Declaration to Secure Assistance Form (Purple)
12182 Precinct to Precinct Transfer Form (White)
12198 Precinct Election Official Quick Reference Guide

Voter Information

DS-DE 39  Florida Voter Registration Application 
DS-DE 139 Omitted Signature Affidavit for Absentee Ballot
DS-DE 37 Affidavit of Designee To Obtain Absentee
ADM 1501 Application for Clemency
15001 Three Ways to Vote Guide
15004 2018 Voter's Guide
DOS 119 Public Records Exemption

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