Candidate Forms & Guides

Forms and publications are available in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format for viewing and printing.  Accessing documents in PDF format requires use of Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which may be installed free of charge.


16001 County Candidate Guide (REV AG 09/28/21)
16001A County Candidate Application (REVD 10/15/19)
16002 Municipal Candidate Guide (REV AF 10/26/21)
16002A Municipal Candidate Application (REV F 10/21/19)
16450 Callaway Residency Affidavit (REV C 05/25/10)
16459 Lynn Haven Residency Affidavit (REV A 01/27/11)
16460 Mexico Beach Residency Affidavit (REV A 01/03/11)
16452 Panama City Residency Affidavit (REV A 11/17/10)
16458 Panama City Beach Council Residency Affidavit (REV B 02/11/16)
16457 Panama City Beach Mayor Residency Affidavit (REV A 02/11/16)
16454 Parker Residency Affidavit (REV A 12/21/10)
16456 Springfield Residency Affidavit (REV A 01/03/11)
16118 Executive Committee Officer List (REV A 05/10/21)
16108 Republican Committee Add/Drop/Change Form (REV B 05/25/10) 
16109 Democratic Committee Add/Drop/Change Form (REV B 05/25/10)
16432 Poll Watchers Application for Candidates & Political Parties (REV E 05/04/14)
1S-2.010 The Hatch Act Overview (REV 03/26/08)
1S-2.010 The Hatch Act Booklet (REV 12/2005)
VR 01 How to File Financial Reports Online (REV 03/28/18)
VR 02  Using Data Files From the Supervisor of Elections Office (REV 08/17/15)
DS-DE 9 Appointment of Candidate Treasurer Form (effective 10/2010)
DS-DE 83 Statement of Candidate for Judicial Office (effective 03/2008)
DS-DE 84 Statement of Candidate (effective 05/2011)
DS-DE 19A Affidavit of Undue Burden (effective 06/2015)
DS-DE 104 Candidate Petition Form (effective 09/2011)           
DS-DE 301 Candidate Oath - State and Local Partisan Office (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 301B Candidate Oath - State and Local No Party Affiliation (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 301C Candidate Oath - State and Local Write-In Candidate (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 302NP  Candidate Oath - Nonpartisan Office (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 303JU Candidate Oath - Judicial Office (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 304SB  Candidate Oath - School Board Nonpartisan Office (REV 05/21)
DS-DE 305CM Candidate Oath - Committeemen and Committeewomen (REV 05/21)
   Financial Disclosure Forms and Information (Webpage)




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