Frequent Asked Questions

How can I request to Vote by Mail? To request a Vote By Mail ballot, call 850-784-6100 or submit your request online here.


Can I request a Vote by Mail ballot for a family member? Yes. You may request a mail ballot for a family member. Call the Supervisor of Elections at (850) 784-6100. Provide your name, address, and date of birth. 


Is my Vote by Mail request permanent? Mail ballot requests can be made for all elections through the calendar year of the second regularly scheduled general election. After that, you will need to renew your request. Remember to notify the Elections office if you have any updates to your registration information to ensure you receive your ballot as requested. 


Will my Vote by Mail ballot be forwarded if I have moved? No. BALLOTS ARE NOT FORWARDABLE - Be sure to provide your current mailing address to ensure delivery.


Is there a deadline to request to Vote by Mail?  If it is too late, what are my options? Yes. A ballot must be requested no later than 5 p.m. on the 10th day prior to an election in order for the Elections office to mail it to you. After that, you may still pick up a mail ballot through the day before the election. By state law, mail ballots cannot be issued on Election  Day except in the case of an emergency, to the extent that the voter will be unable to go to his or her assigned polling place. The voter or voter's designee must submit an affidavit regarding the emergency. (Effective July 1, 2019)


Can someone else pick up my Vote by Mail ballot for me? Yes. You may designate in writing a person to pick up a mail ballot for you beginning nine days before an election. Your designee will need a photo ID and a signed note from you, as well as a completed affidavit in order to pick up the ballot. NOTE:  Any person who provides or offers to provide, and any person who accepts, a pecuniary or other benefit in exchange for distributing, ordering, requesting, collecting, delivering, or otherwise physically possessing more than two mail ballots per election in addition to his or her own ballot or a ballot belonging to an immediate family member, except as provided in F.S. 101.6105-101.694, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in F.S. 775.082, 775.083 or 775.084. 


When do I have to return my Vote by Mail envelope? In order for you mail ballot to be counted, it must be received by the Supervisor of Elections office no later than 7pm Election Night. ***PLEASE NOTE: Postal delivery service has changed.  Voters are advised to allow at least TWO WEEKS for their ballot to be returned by mail to the Supervisor of Elections office.


Do I have to sign the envelope? Is my signature going to be checked? Yes. State law requires that a mail ballot certificate envelope be signed by the voter in order to be counted, unless other provisions are made pursuant to F.S. 101.68(4). Your signature on the envelope will be compared with the signature on your voter file to verify your identity. If you need to update your signature on file, please complete and submit a Voter Registration Application to our office, checking the "Record Update/Change" box in the top line. 


Does my Vote By Mail ballot count? Yes, Florida statutes allow mail ballots to be opened and processed beginning 22 days before the election. Mail ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Election Day in any Elections Office, after which mail ballot results are added to election totals. 


Can I track the progress of my Vote By Mail ballot? Yes, track your ballot here or call the Supervisor of Elections office at 850-784-6100


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