Precinct Election Official Forms & Guides

Forms and publications are available in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format for viewing and printing.  Accessing documents in PDF format requires use of Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which may be installed free of charge.


15002 (English)
15002 (Spanish)
 Precinct Election Official Brochure (REV I 06/08/23)
14003 Precinct Election Official Orientation Packet (REV I 02/23/22)
12090 Early Voting Manager A.M. Start Up (REV F 07/07/22)
12163 Election Day Clerk Start Up (REV G 07/08/22)
12106 EV VCS Inspector Actions Card (REV O 02/06/24)
12107 EV VCS Manager Actions Card (REV P 02/09/24)
12167 ED VCS Clerk Actions Card (REV G 02/09/24)
12166 ED VCS Inspector Actions Card (REV F 02/06/24)
Early Voting Procedures Manual- 8 Day (REV C 04/03/24)
12197P ED Accessible Voting System Quick Reference Guide (REV C 01/05/24)
12196P EV Accessible Voting System Quick Reference Guide (REV C 01/05/24)
12197M MUN ED Accessible Voting System Quick Reference Guide (REV D 04/03/24)
12172 Polling Place Standards and Procedures Document (REV K 03/05/24) 
12174 Non-Conformance Report Form Precinct (Light Green) (REV B 03/29/10) 
12176 Voter Signature Differs Form (Pink) (REV C 10/21/19) 
12178 Voter Challenge Form (Goldenrod) (REV C 10/09/19) 
12180 Declaration to Secure Assistance Form (Purple) (REV F 05/17/22) 
12195 Deputy Set-Up & Actions (REV H 06/28/22)
27050  Adopt -A- Precinct Application (REV G 02/18/22)



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